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Small Footprint, Large capacity and Mobile 

Model: Schramm T450
Year: 2018
Capacity: 300m with 3.5” drill pipe AC/RC

Standard Strike Drilling Features:

Mounted on a registered 6x6 Mercedes Actross
Automatic rod handling system
6m drill rods
Hands free Maker Breaker system
Secondary retention in place for mast components
All high-pressure anchor points rated to AS2741
Rotation Rod Safety cages
Engineer rated rig tooling
Down hole survey winch
Real time data transfer capabilities from the drill rig
Modern Sampling system including a Cone/Riffle splitter 

The T450 drill platform is mounted on a new Mercedes 6x6 for greater mobility. The rig design is based on our popular X350 design with a large 400psi/1240cfm onboard compressor coupled with the 3 ½” drill string will provide improved sample quality with the AC blade and allow a larger hammer to be utilized for increased penetration through harder formations. The RC capacity has been proven to depths of 300m while still maintaining a small environmental footprint. The T450 was built to service clients with environmental restrictions on a wide spread drill program.



Strike Drilling Rig 7 High Capacity Air Core and RC machine has hit the ground running, with one of our key clients Goldfields Australia at their Agnew Mine site. 

By popular demand Rig 7 is on order

Due to increased demand Strike Drilling have ordered a second T450 Air Core/RC drill rig from Schramm due for delivery in July 2017. Strike Drilling Air Core concept and capacity to drill RC to 300+m on a mobile, small footprint machine has been extremely popular with our clients.
New T450 Drill Rig 6

New T450 Drill Rig 6

Strike Drilling have designed and built our NEW 2017 T450 Air Core/RC drill rig with Schramm, mounted on a 6x6 Mercedes truck. This machine had been extremely successful completing a 300m RC hole and delivering a 1002m Air Core shift. Both respective clients were very pleased with the new machine and crews performance.
Articles 1 to 10 of 21