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Golden Geko Awards 2016 - Finalist

No job is too much nor too far for Strike Drilling.

Strike Drilling is a new company with a history that runs deep. A fresh face in the exploration and mining industry, Strike Drilling is the result of a team combining vast wells of experience with top-of-the-line equipment and service to deliver superior results.

With a long history in the industry and strong reputation for remote work, Strike Drilling partners with everyone from greenfields speculators to established brownfields exploration operations to deliver safe, successful and efficient service.

Strike Drilling prides itself on its sensitivity to the environment, and with giving respect to the landowners and communities we work with, while providing employment and training programs, and creating awareness of indigenous cultures. Strike Drilling measure success on a far broader scale than just safe production.

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Strike Drilling’s strength lies in our top-of-the-line equipment. We can provide everything from drill rigs to trucks, and even fully managed remote camp facilities.

Strike Drilling Equipment
Strike Drilling Equipment
Strike Drilling Equipment

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Lifeline Car

Lifeline Car

The Strike Race Car has had a major makeover! Now branded with the Lifeline WA logo.

Embarking on Strike’s most remote job

Embarking on Strike’s most remote job

Embarking on Strike’s most remote job to date, the crew from Rig 4 are currently out at the Western Australia/Northern Territory boarder being supported only by 2 x helicopters.

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