Safety & Culture

At Strike Drilling safety is a key part of what we do, not an afterthought. We’re passionate about doing safety the right way, and want to keep things simple so that processes don’t get overly complicated, or messages lost. We’ve all got families to come home to, and we want those feelings of responsibility to transfer to the work environment, where our staff is like family. We’re not going to cut any corners, and are implementing safety management systems to make the individual accountable for their actions.

Our staff are up to date on all of their training and safety certifications, and we put programs in place for them to stay on top of latest industry trends, and keep improving themselves and upgrading their qualifications. We constantly tailor our tools to make them safer and more user friendly as well.

Strike Drilling operates on a strong platform of respect, from treating clients with respect to being respectful within the organization – the team you go out bush with.

We strive to be considerate of the environment and the communities we work in, and with the indigenous side of our operation too. We always want to remember where we’re working, and be very mindful of that.

Strike Drilling