Who Is Strike Drilling?

Strike Drilling is the new force on the West Australian exploration drilling scene. We’ve purchased state of the art equipment to ensure quality service at the levels our clients expect, and we demand. Experienced in all aspects of exploration and water well drilling we’re here to look after our clients in a professional, ethical and reliable manner, with a focus on safety and environmentally responsible practices.

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Through our team’s years in the industry we know the superior service that a small and committed team can provide to everyone from start-ups to large corporations, and the value of building a strong reputation for teamwork and dependability.

It is for that reason we are in no hurry at all to expand our team, we are firm believers in quality of staff over quantity.

We want to work alongside our clients to help them achieve their goals and build their companies while improving our processes and procedures along the way.

We take on projects in the remotest of areas Australia-wide, and do so in a manner that is respectful of the environment, and that offers employment opportunities to the local communities we find ourselves amongst, in particular the indigenous populations.

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