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Small Footprint, Large capacity and Mobile

Model: Schramm T450
Year: 2018
Capacity: 300m with 3.5” drill pipe AC/RC

Standard Strike Drilling Features:

  • Mounted on a registered 6x6 Mercedes Actross
  • Automatic rod handling system
  • 6m drill rods
  • Hands free Maker Breaker system
  • Secondary retention in place for mast components
  • All high-pressure anchor points rated to AS2741
  • Rotation Rod Safety cages
  • Engineer rated rig tooling
  • Down hole survey winch
  • Real time data transfer capabilities from the drill rig
  • Modern Sampling system including a Cone/Riffle splitter 

The T450 drill platform is mounted on a new Mercedes 6x6 for greater mobility. The rig design is based on our popular X350 design with a large 400psi/1240cfm onboard compressor coupled with the 3 ½” drill string will provide improved sample quality with the AC blade and allow a larger hammer to be utilized for increased penetration through harder formations. The RC capacity has been proven to depths of 300m while still maintaining a small environmental footprint. The T450 was built to service clients with environmental restrictions on a wide spread drill program.

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